Cellardoor Menu


5 Wines Tastings (20ml ea) on the House

8 Wines VIP Tastings $5*

Glass of wine $9


Mini Bambina Gelato’s $2.50

Tintilla dish of Olive’s  $5

Bread and Spice Plate $15
Fawk bread with olive oil from Lisborne Grove, Tintilla Red wine Vinegar and Herbies Dukkah or Za’atar

Cheese Plate $25
With three regional Binnorie Dairy Cheeses Brie, Cheddar and Labna with seasonal Estate made condiments

Meat and Cheese Plate $35
With two regional Binnorie Dairy Cheese, Brie and Cheddar along with two types of meat, Homemade Terrine and Branxton Butcher Meat Salami with seasonal Estate made condiments


(*refundable on purchase of wine when not in a group booking)