Olives & Produce

From ancient times olives and vines were planted together, enjoying the same growing conditions and providing essential ingredients for daily living. Our olives are handpicked, debittered and fermented prior to bottling with various traditional herbs and spices.

We also have Hunter olive oils from local producers on tasting in the cellar door. In the vineyard we crop thin just before Verasion to concentrate the grape flavours, the green harvested grapes are used for making Verjus a very traditional condiment. Vinegars are the by-product of wine making where the wine not wanted for bottling can be utilised. We make both red and white wine vinegars. From season to season we also make fig jams, sell honey from local bee keepers, and make mustards using our verjus.


The olive trees were planted in stages from 1994 onwards starting with Spanish varieties Mancanillo and Sevillano. These have proved well suited to the soil and climate producing excellent quality fruit. The Sevillano being quite large are almost a meal in themselves. Next we planted Frontoio, the Tuscan variety, a small olive with a fine nutty flavour. We have Mission, Verdale and UC13a6, an Egyptian olive, all of which we cure using various methods and pickle using garlic, lemon, oregano and secret family recipes to enhance their taste.

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Olive Tapenade

Anchovies, capers, lemon juice, Dijon Mustard, garlic and of course our olives all go into this little bit of heaven in a jar. Merlot is added to add flavour and softness.

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Olive oils

We have a selection of Hunter Regional olive oils on tasting at the cellar door.

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Produced from unripened grapes harvested at verasion when we crop thin. The bunches are destemmed and pressed with the juice being bottled in its unfermented state after settling and being filtered. Ideal for salad dressing, to flavour sparkling water or cooking. Used as a vinegar substitute.

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You will find a range of barrel aged vinegars at Tintilla Estate, all natural by-products of the wine making and tasting that occurs at our vineyard. The vinegar bacteria come from a “mother” culture and live off the alcohol converting it to acetic acid by an anaerobic process. The barrel lids have been removed and covered with muslin to allow air exchange and the natural process to proceed. After ageing in these barrels we blend the final product using a solear method with vinegars aged over seven years in the mix. The vinegar is sterile filtered at bottling to prevent further growth in the bottle.

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Vin cotto

Vin cotto is an elixir made of Grape must, cooked with orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg, it is sweeter and thicker than vinegar. It has subtle overtones of spice and the richness of concentrated grape juice. As a condiment small slurps are drizzled over roasts, and its versatility extends to dressing salads and fruits.

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