Fortified Wines

A fine old Hunter tradition is to produce liquor wines. In this process the fermentation is arrested, while the sugar level is still quite high, with the addition of Brandy spirit, producing a fruit rich naturally sweet wine.
The wine is barrel fermented and left on lees for about 10 months after fortifying to gain in complexity. It is then either bottled as a Vintage Liquor Wine or Aged in a Tawny style. We use our Shiraz and Semillon grapes in this process, with limited edition barrel aged fortified Semillon and barrel aged fortified Shiraz.

Edwardo Fortified Semillon

An aperitif style of wine made by arresting the Semillon ferment at a Beaume of 9 with pure alcohol. The wine is aged for six to twelve months in old oak and bottled as a vintage style. A complex wine best served chilled with a slice of lime. At 18.5% alcohol, it is a great party starter.

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Vincento 10-year Barrel Aged Fortified Semillon

Liqueur fortified wines were the backbone of our early winemaking industry, having the ability to travel well and bring great pleasure to the consumer. Semillon, the great white grape of the Hunter, lends itself into making this liqueur wine, named after St. Vincent the patron saint of the wine grape grower.

Shortland Fortified Shiraz

Made from rich ripe Shiraz grapes. The fermentation is arrested at a Beaume of 9 with the addition of Brandy and pure alcohol. The must is aged on the lees and racketed at six months. The wine is bottled unfiltered to obtain maximum flavours. Recommended to enjoy in front of a log fire with cheese and good company.

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Old Parish 10-year Barrel Aged Fortified Shiraz

From our first vintage at Tintilla Estate in 1997 we decided to make a small quantity of Fortified wine to sell initially as a vintage style but we also put aside some of this rich fruity wine for extended ageing & blending in a “solera” , composed of vintages going back some 15 yrs.

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